Gin tasting notes.

My daughter bought me a subscription to I Love Gin for my birthday; basically you select two gins and mixers every month and you are sent a minature (50ml -a double measure!) of each gin and a small bottle of each mixer. It is a wonderful way to try different gins and I thought I'd share my thoughts on them with the outside world.

The first one was Slingsby Goosberry gin. It had a definite goosberry bouquet but only a gentle hint of a goosberry flavour. It was supplied with Bumble Zest's CBD tonic water. This had a very strong flavour, containing ginger and cinnamon along with 0·0025% Cannabis Sativa L oil! It seemed to clash with the gin but was quite pleasant on its own; it might be better with vodka. Did I notice the CBD? Well, I went to bed that night with a disinct warm glow, but it could have been the ginger.
I tried the same gin with Fever Tree tonic and it was much nicer, it really brought out the citrus and goosberry flavours.

The second gin was Colonsay Dry. This is bottled at 47% and is a robust gin; ironically it might have been more suited to the CBD tonic but I was very happy with the Fever Tree.

If you would like to talk about gin, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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