The Seaslug Tool Chest

The rules that govern the maintenance of aircraft also apply to missiles, for example any bolt or fastener that is removed from a missile cannot be re-used, and has to be replaced by a new one. As a large number of Seaslug's components were replaceable if they failed test the ships were issued with a large selection of nuts, bolts, washers and sealing rings along with the necessary tools; this was known as the Seaslug Tool Chest.
As the contents were expected to be used the chest was classed as consumable so the ships didn't have to return it to the depot. Unfortunately the fact that the chest contained an impressive array of screwdrivers, spanners socket sets and Allen keys had been overlooked. We never received a tool chest back into the depot when a ship off-loaded its outfit; the chest itself was returned a couple of times but it literally held just a few bent washers. I am convinced that somewhere out there several ex county-class crew set themselves up as car maintenance workshops with those Seaslug tools!

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