Seaslug -the Vital Statistics.

Mk1 Mk2
Attack Speed 685mph 1370mph
Maximum Range 27,000yards


Maximum Altitude 45,000ft 65,000ft
Fuze Type Active Radio Passive Infra-Red

Warhead Type

Blast Continuous Rod
Explosive content 73Kg 24Kg
Sustainer propellant content  390Kg 440Kg
Booster propellant content 145Kg 186Kg
Missile Length 5.994m 6.096m
Missile Diameter 0.442m 0.406m

Wing Span

1.437m 1.437m
Control Surface Span 1.603m 1.603m
Weight 2080Kg 2284Kg

     Note: Seaslug Mk1 was also fitted with an impact fuze, known as the 'Pranger Fuze'.  This was omitted from the Mk2 missile, probably because the kinetic energy of the impact would make any warhead explosion irrelevant.

I have amended the maximum range and altitude figures for the Mk1 missile based on the data from the firing reports.

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