The Malacia Papers.


The Malacia papers are a series of small pieces that grew out of a proposed naval wargaming campaign in the summer of 2011.  Having written a history of a battleship (partly as a relief from a science fiction novel I'm trying to write) I found myself creating a country and a history.  The name Malacia comes from Brian Aldiss' novel 'The Malacia tapestry' which is about a city where change is not allowed (and is well worth reading); this is reflected in the Traditionalist and Progressive party's attitudes.

I see Malacia as being where Guyana is, I've used its geography and the only change I've made is moving a mountain northwards.  I also pronounce Malacia with a hard 'c'; ie Malakia.

The hydro-electric project is not unrealistic; a 200Mw installation was built in the 1890s in Scotland for aluminium smelting.  The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway started its electric service in 1905-8 using overhead conductors at 6.6Kv.


The history of Malacia.

Un Wikileaks -'leaked' US documents relating to the Malacian armed forces.

A line drawing of Panther on arrival.

A line drawing of Panther after her 1939 refit.

Exocet attack!

The rescue of the Cheryl G.

The Kondor incident.

Berbice and the U-boat.

Malacia's government.

Malacian Defence Force.

The Malacian Army.

The Malacian Airforce.

The Malacian Navy.

The Malacian cryptographic machine -Red Box.

An action in Italy.


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