The Malacia Papers.

The Malacia papers are a series of small pieces that grew out of a proposed naval wargaming campaign in the summer of 2011. Having written a history of a battleship (partly as a relief from a science fiction novel I'm trying to write) I found myself creating a country and a history. The name Malacia comes from Brian Aldiss' novel 'The Malacia tapestry' which is about a city where change is not allowed (and is well worth reading); this is reflected in the Traditionalist and Progressive party's attitudes.
I see Malacia as being where Guyana is, I've used its geography and the only change I've made is moving a mountain northwards. I also pronounce Malacia with a hard 'c'; ie Malakia.
The hydro-electric project is not unrealistic; a 200Mw installation was built in the 1890s in Scotland for aluminium smelting. The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway started its electric service in 1905-8 using overhead conductors at 6.6Kv.

The history of Malacia
A line drawing of Panther on arrival.
A line drawing of Panther after her 1939 refit.

Malacia's declaration of war in 1942.
A line drawing of Panther in 1942.
Berbice and the U-boat.
An action in Italy.
The Kondor incident.

Exocet attack!
Un Wikileaks -'leaked' US documents relating to the Malacian armed forces.
The rescue of the Cheryl G.
Malacia's government
The Malacian Defence Force.
The Malacian Army
The Malacian Airforce
The Malacian Navy.
The Malacian cryptographic machine -Red Box.
An action in Italy

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